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Admission $10 Ages 10 & under are FREE

Pit Pass $25
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Increased Admission for Special Events

Gates Open at 5:00
Hot Laps at 7:00
Races at 7:30

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Rules & Regulations are available at the Pit Shack!


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Kyle & Carol Wirts – Promoters
Located 2 miles west of California on Hwy. 50
Mailing address: 1110 S. Francis St. California, MO 65018


Street Stock Rules

The spirit and intent of these rules is to keep down the cost of racing.

Cars can be inspected and teched at any time upon entering the pit area.


1.  BODY: 1960 or newer USA Manufactured full body passenger cars only.  NO convertibles, station wagons, trucks, or front wheel drive cars.  All side windows must be removed.  All glass and chrome must be removed including the headlights and taillights.  All cars must remain stock appearing.  All doors must be welded or chained shut.  The fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance only.  Interior door frames may be removed.   Passenger car rear bumpers must be securely fastened to the frame.  Rear tube bumpers are allowed.  A fabricated front bumper of pipe with plastic nose will be allowed to enhance the cars appearance.  No sharp edges on any bumper will be allowed.  After market stock appearing bodies allowed.  No rear view mirrors.  Hood and trunk lid must be securely chained shut or the use of hood pins are allowed.  It is Optional to use stock hinges on the hood.  Trunk pan will be allowed to be cut out.  Must be a firewall between engine and driver with all holes covered.  Must have  floorboard in drivers area and a metal firewall separating the driver from the fuel tank and trunk area.  Spoilers allowed maximum height 6″.


2.  TIRES:  Hoosier 278-15 500 compound, A40-26.5 or 27.5, or Hoosier IMCA stamped G60.  Street  tires are allowed.  Maximum size street tire: 255x70x15; 275x60x15.  Smaller tires allowed.  No truck, mud or snow tires allowed.  Siping and grooving is allowed.


3.  WHEELS:  8 inch or 10 inch steel wheel only.  Must have one inch lug nuts on right side.  White spoke wheels may be used.  Stock wheels must be reinforced including rally type wheels.  Bead locks are optional and will be allowed on all four wheels.  Wheel width will be checked.


4.  BRAKES:  Brakes on all four wheels must work.  Brakes will be checked.  Proportioning valve will be allowed. Any non-adjustable master cylinder allowed.


5.  ROLL CAGE: Must be at least one and one half inches by .095 steel tubing, constructing a 6-point cage, welded and gusseted to the frame.  Roll bars must extend the width of the frame with door bars on drivers side with a minimum of three bars on outside rails. Inside of door skins must be connected to main cage.  Passenger doors must have a minimum of two bars which extend no further toward the center of the car than the right frame rail.  Frame loop must be added in front of radiator in center of car.  Absolutely NO square tubing or galvanized pipe allowed.  Roll bar padding recommended in drivers compartment.  All roll cages must have two support bars go though the rear firewall or seat shelf to the rear frame.


6.  FRAMES: Full frame cars.  No modifications.  Uni-body cars must connect from to rear.  One and one half inch by .095 tubing minimum must be used so roll cage can be built on tubing connecting front to rear.  Must match make and model of car (i.e. Monte Carlo body must go on a Monte Carlo frame, Chevelle body must go on a Chevelle frame…).  Minimum wheelbase is 101 inches and wheelbase must match original wheelbase of car.  If sub frame is substituted with a like sub frame, sub frame must retain original dimensions, measurements, engine location, etc., as original frame.  Wheelbase must remain as original wheelbase or original frame.  NOTE: Sub frame is defined as firewall forward on full bodied cars and front floorboard forward on uni-body cars.  Rear frames on cars can be re-fabricated using square tubing no larger than 2 inches by 3 inches starting at the back of the upper shock plate.  NOTE: Stock location of rear suspension must be maintained.


7.  TRANSMISSION: Must be O.E.M. with 2 forward and 1  reverse gear.  No buttons or direct drives.  NOTE: Dual or triple disc clutch allowed.  Cars must move forward and backward on its own power from a complete stop with engine running.


8.  FUEL & CARBURETOR: Gasoline only.  2 or 4 barrel allowed.  Cast iron or aluminum intake allowed.


9.  GAS TANKS: Racing fuel cell in metal container is mandatory.  Fuel cell must be mounted inside trunk as

far forward as possible and must be securely mounted.  Fuel cell shall not be larger than a 25 gallon capacity.


10.  REAR ENDS: They may be locked.  No aluminum after  market  parts allowed.  No truck rear ends.  9 inch Ford rear ends or floaters are optional, but are highly recommended.  When using 9 inch Ford rear end, it must be installed with original rear control arms and rear end brackets that are on the model of car you are racing.


11.  DRIVE SHAFTS: Must be equipped with one 360 degree safety sling around the front of the drive shaft in case of breakage.  Sling must be made of steel at least 2 inches wide and one quarter thick.  All drive shafts must be painted white and have the car number legibly painted on it.  No aluminum drive shafts.


12.  WEIGHTS: If weights are used, they must be painted white with your racing number on them.  The weights must be securely fastened to the inside of the trunk or frame.  No sand, gravel or fluid allowed to be used as weights.


13.  BATTERY: Only one automotive type or marine type battery allowed.  Battery may be relocated to driver’s compartment.  Battery must fit in an enclosed leak proof battery box or case that is securely fastened to the floor or frame.  Battery, case and mounting must pass safety inspection.


14.  SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Four or five point three inch competition belt and harness required.  Mounting of seat belts must be secure and will be closely inspected.  Seat belts shall not exceed three years of age from the manufacturer’s date.  Aluminum racing seat is mandatory.  All cars must have an approved window net attached to the driver’s door window and it must be up at all times that the car is on the track.  Driver must be able to reach quick release.  Car must be equipped with a dry type fire extinguisher no smaller than two pounds and must be mounted with a quick release within easy reach of the driver with belts fastened.  Halon-type highly recommended.  A minimum of four safety bars must be installed in front of the driver (windshield area) and may have screen securely attached to the bars.  All drivers must wear SCHA or SNELL approved helmet.  All drivers must wear a fire retardant drivers suit, one or two piece.  If two piece, both pieces must be worn.  Fire resistant gloves, shoes and Nomex underwear are highly recommended.  Helmet and complete drivers suit must be worn at all times the race car is on the track.  Any violation of safety equipment rules may result in fines and/or automatic suspension.


15.  SUSPENSION: Steering Box, factory only.  Steering links may be reinforced.  Quick steering allowed.  All suspension parts must mount to original stock location.  Racing shocks and springs allowed.  No aluminum, adjustable, or coil over shocks.  No rear sway bars.  NOTE: If car originally came out with a rear sway bar, it must be taken off.  Front sway bar allowed but must be mounted in stock location.  All shock locations must remain stock.  Weight jacks allowed.  Front upper tubular ‘A’-arms may be used, non-adjustable only.


16.  ENGINE:.  Engines must meet the following specs: O.E.M. distributor.  No external coils.  MSD module allowed as long as it fits inside stock distributor.  Any steel heads allowed.  Headers are allowed.  Aluminum roller rocker arms allowed.  Engine set-back allowed.  Tip of #1 spark plug must be even or in front of upper ball joint.


17.  COIL SPRING cars must run coil spring.  Leaf spring cars must run leaf springs.


18.  PROTEST CLAIM: Any DRIVER in feature race finishing on the lead lap will have the right to protest any engine competing in the same feature event who is also on the lead lap.  The driver making the protest must post $300 cash with tech inspector, track official, or promoter within 5 minutes of finish of feature race to make the protest legal.  If engine in protest if found to be legal, the driver making the protest will lose the $300.  If protested engine is proven to be illegal, the $300 will be returned to the driver posting the protest.  If a driver/owner refused inspection or is found to be illegal, the car and/or driver will lose all points, money and trophies won that race night and the driver and/or car may be suspended for 2 race nights.  The car belonging to the driver making the protest MUS2T be inside pit area or tech area at the time of making the protest.  This means DO NOT stop on the track to file a protest, it will not be honored.


19.  All new cars will be teched prior to being allowed to race.  It will be at the discretion of tech inspector, director of competition, and promoter on new cars coming after opening night as to whether division’s rules are met and car is allowed to compete.  Inspections will be done to insure safety and to determine if car is legal for competition based on the division’s car rules.


20.  The top four finishers in the feature event must immediately report to the tech area after the race or they may be disqualified and lose all money, points, and trophies for that night.  If in doubt… play it safe and cautiously drive to the tech area and ask!


21.  WEIGHT: 3000 pounds with driver after race.  No concrete in frames.


All drivers must be registered, sign all waivers, pay their participation fee,

and declare make, model, and year of car before competing.


Decisions of the director of competition, tech inspector, and/or promoter are final and binding without exception!!


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events and participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in NO WAY a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director and or promoter shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specification herein or impose any further restrictions that, in his opinion, do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications.  Any interpretation of deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of track officials.  Their decision is final!!!




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