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Admission $10 Ages 10 & under are FREE

Pit Pass $25
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Increased Admission for Special Events

Gates Open at 5:00
Hot Laps at 7:00
Races at 7:30

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Rules & Regulations are available at the Pit Shack!


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The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that, in his opinion, do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the race director.  That decision will be considered final.



1.            Results of official score keeper will be final and payoff will be made accordingly.

2.            Entering the race track from either the pits or infield area during green flag conditions is strictly prohibited unless instructed to do so by official.

3.            Any car which is the cause of a yellow flag will go to the rear of the event.  Three yellows & you’re OUT!  If you are charged with 3 yellows during an event you are disqualified from that event. You are to cautiously enter the pit area.  Anyone causing an intentional yellow will receive an automatic disqualification.      èCars stopping to avoid a crash will get their position back.

4.            Sprint cars making a 360 degree spin will go to the rear of the field and may be charged with a yellow flag.  This applies whether your car comes to a complete stop or not.

5.            There will be NO working on race cars on the track at ANY time!  If the car needs attention you may enter the pits for repairs but you will be placed at the rear of the event when you re-join the field.. You may exit the pits only on a yellow flag and/or with the approval of the attending gate official.  NEVER block pit entrances or exits!  Penalties may apply!!!

6.            Absolutely NO ONE, other than track officials, is allowed on the race track during any event. **DO NOT exit your race car on the race track!!  Remain in your car unless there are safety issues that prevent you from doing so.  Penalties may apply!!!

7.            Restart line-up after a yellow or red flag will be from the previous completed lap.  No racing to the yellow flag.

8.            If a red flag is displayed….STOP!!  You will be directed from that point.

9.            In case of a red flag and cars are stopped on the track, one pit member may be allowed to inspect the car for safety purposes only, by approval of a track official.  Pit member must request permission from a track official before exiting the pit area.  Absolutely NO working on the car will be allowed!!  Penalties will be at the discretion of the officials.

10.          Rough driving will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with as track officials and/or promoter deem appropriate.

11.          The “lap” flag is an information flag.  It means you are about to be lapped and for you to hold your line of travel.  It does not mean for you to move up or down the race track!!

12.          The FRONT ROW  will determine the start of the race.  BOTH cars on the front row should maintain a smooth even pace at a moderate speed until the green flag.  One warning will be issued then failure to adhere by this standard will result in BOTH cars in the first row being swapped with the second row cars.  It is the responsibility of the remainder of the field to maintain this pace to the green.  “Moderate” means NOT too fast and NOT too slow.  There will be no jumping on starts or restarts.  NO JACK RABBIT STARTS!!!   These issues will be monitored by track officials and penalties may apply.

13.          Absolutely no one under sixteen (16) years of age will be allowed in the pit area until after the final event is completed unless the proper insurance information (waiver/release) is on file.

14.          You must wear a helmet and have belts on any time the car is on the track, including hot laps and track packing!  Only one person is allowed in the car.

15.          Alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the restricted area ONLY after the final checkered flag.  Illegal drugs are not permitted on Double-X property at any time.

16.          Wrapped black flag or any other flag pointed at you is a warning of an infraction and if you repeat it you will be black flagged.

17.          Black flag displayed to you means that you are disqualified from that event and you should cautiously enter the pit area.

18.          If driver, car owner, or pit member starts a fight on the race track premises that person and/or race car may be disqualified and/or suspended for up to one year.  Disrespectful or vulgar behavior will not be tolerated!!!

19.          Track officials have duties to perform.  They are not there to babysit or to mediate childish behavior.  Anyone arguing with an official or holding up the program may be disqualified or suspended.

20.          Anyone stopping on the race track and refusing to move will be removed and disqualified and/or suspended.

21.          Lapped cars will keep their position unless they choose to go to the rear on a yellow.

22.          Officials will instruct drivers of their position on restarts.  Move to your correct position immediately or risk losing your spot.  If you intentionally prohibit another car from getting into their correct position you may be sent to the rear and forfeit your own position.

23.          If all heat races have been completed and a rain out or uncontrollable event occurs that ends the racing program, the incomplete features will run the next race date along with the regular program as a “double-feature” night.  If that race is also terminated for an uncontrollable occurrence then the drivers who are present with intent to compete will be paid according to the lineup for the “make-up” race.   Exception – if the incident happens after the white flag has been given, the race may be called complete and positions may be paid the way they were in line at the white flag.  A driver can not be the causes of the race to end and be paid for the position he was running at the time of the incident.

24.          If you are disqualified from the feature event you will lose all points and money earned for that night.

25.          The top 4 cars from the feature event of each class MUST enter the tech area IMMEDIATELY after their race.  DO NOT go to your pit area before you go to the tech area or you may be disqualified!!  If you are in doubt of your finishing position play it safe and go to the tech area!!

26.          If you enter the pit area for ANY reason you will rejoin the field at the rear.

27.          You will not be allowed to rejoin any event if you are 2 or more laps down.

28.          You may exit the pits only on a yellow flag and/or with the approval of a track official.

29.          CAUTION must be exercised at all times!!!  Failure to do so may lead to permanent disqualification!!

30.          In the event of a yellow flag after all cars have passed the white flag, the race may be considered complete.  If all cars have not passed the white flag, the race may resume under green/white/checkered flags.  This is a “general” rule and may have exceptions depending on independent factors.

31.          Depending on rain-outs, points may need to be ‘rounded’ at the end of the year to determine eligibility for point money.


 Double-X Speedway warns everyone that racing is dangerous. You could be injured or killed.

Participate at your own risk!!

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